Watercolor Wednesdays – Punting on the Cam

Watercolor Wednesdays – I thought, since people had such a lovely reception of the 12 Days of Christmas Art by my dad, Leo Boucher, that I’d share some more of his art on a Wednesday. Whaddya think?
Here’s his take on what’s known as punting on the Cam – the River Cam in Cambridge. I went punting a few times when I lived in that rarefied city, enjoying being a tourist and taking in the lovely ‘backs’ of the colleges – the backsides of the buildings of each of the colleges that stands on the Cam.
When I look back at those months in Cambridge, as a newlywed and an immigrant, I remember the shock of arrival but joy at the new adventure. And the fun of living in a block of flats called “The White House.” But when all of my belongings arrived after its 6 week trip over the Atlantic, I cried. For I was now home, and the enormity of what I’d done started to sink in a bit. #FindingMyselfinBritain
Have you ever gone punting?

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