Giving Thanks – Prayers for Thanksgiving

FMIB Quotes 3 FinalHappy Thanksgiving!

I love this holiday – a non-commercialized time to stop and breathe and give thanks. A time to join with family and friends to feast and laugh and sing and share. A time to enjoy and spread the joy.

But we live in an imperfect world, and someone’s chair may be empty at our Thanksgiving table. Or we’re separated from the ones we really want to be with. Or we’re not even in the country that’s celebrating this holiday – that’s me today (Tonight I’ll be at my master’s class talking about gender and Christian spirituality!).

May the Lord fill in the gaps, shining his light into the places of pain and longing and giving us his peace.

May we breathe in his light and love.

May we give thanks – whichever country we’re living in.

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