Interview by Tanya Marlow on Finding Myself in Britain

Today Tanya Marlow, a wonderful person – writer, thinker, feeler, Bible-delver, and one who suffers from a severe form of ME – has interviewed me on her blog, “Thorns and Gold.” She asked probing questions that I answered while partly wondering if I was sharing too much! I so appreciate her on many levels. She’s also hosting a giveaway of Finding Myself in Britain via her blog – instructions at the end.


Me with my sister and brother. The traveling bug seems to be planted early!

Me with my sister and brother. The traveling bug seems to be planted early!

Hi, Amy – tell us a bit about you!

Hi! Well, I’m married to an English vicar and we live in a lovely but draughty vicarage with our two wonderful kids. I’m a writer and speaker with a long history in editing; I love writing devotional thoughts and running the Woman Alive book club.

I grew up in Minnesota – the land of 10,000 lakes and hearty people who survive the shockingly cold winters. I’ve now lived longer outside than inside of Minnesota, however, for when I was at university I went to Washington, DC, for a studies program – and ended up staying 10 years! When there, working with a wonderful Englishman-in-America, Os Guinness, I met a visiting Englishman who was studying abroad as he trained to be a vicar. We fell in love and married and I moved to the UK nearly two decades ago – a mind-boggling amount of time.

Something you might be surprised to know is that I’m a (lapsed) aerobics teacher. I love going to the gym and enjoying group exercise with my friends.

Read the rest of the interview at Tanya’s blog here.

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