Review: Feeling Empty, Being Filled, The Book of Ruth

Unknown“In 2010, I gained a baby, and lost the ability to walk more than twenty metres.” So begins Tanya Marlow in this thought-provoking look at the book of Ruth. She interweaves her story of life with myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME – or chronic fatigue syndrome, as it’s commonly known Stateside) with that of two women from centuries past – Naomi and Ruth.

When we look at this biblical account, usually we focus on Ruth – the young widow who commits to her mother-in-law, making her home in a foreign land, such the depth of her love. We skip over the bitter old woman, Naomi, who is reeling from loss and is definitely disappointed with God. But Tanya explores – gently – how we mirror Naomi, and yet how God showers us with his love. (And she doesn’t miss out on gleaning encouragements from Ruth’s story either.)

Coming Back to God When You Feel Empty is a short but satisfying read, currently free when you sign up to Tanya’s website. Read it for the poetic language; read it for the insights this story from old can shine into our lives today; read it for the emphasis on prayer and a God who loves us.

Coming Back to God When You Feel Empty: Whispers of Restoration from the Book of Ruth by Tanya Marlow (CreateSpace, 2015).

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