Advent poem – A child will lead them

Photo: tommy chandra, flickr
Photo: tommy chandra, flickr
From the stump of Jesse a shoot
From his roots a Branch
The Vine in which we abide
The Vine bearing much fruit
On him rests the Spirit of the Lord
The Spirit of wisdom
Of counsel; of understanding
Of the knowledge and fear of the Lord
For he will delight in the Lord
In the Lord he will fear
In right ways will he judge
Those in need; on earth, the poor
Righteousness, his belt
Around his waist, faithfulness
Love and faithfulness meet
Righteousness and peace kiss
The wolf and lamb living together
The goat and leopard lying down
Together the calf and lion
Leading them, a little child
On the holy mountain
They will neither harm nor destroy
For the knowledge and goodness of the Lord
Will cover the earth like the waters of the sea
In that day
The Root of Jesse
Standing a banner for all
The nations will rally
His resting place glorious
And all the earth with him
© 2014 Amy Boucher Pye
After Isaiah 11:1-10

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