Yes, says the Lord

Photo: *_Abhi_* on flickr

Photo: *_Abhi_* on flickr

In Christ, the answer is “Yes.” I was chewing over 2 Corinthians 1:1–11 recently, thinking about how God wants us to know this Divine Affirmation. Yes, he says. Yes. Yes!

Do you believe in Christ’s Yes for you?

God our Father
God of compassion
God of comfort
God of love
Troubles and pressure
Despaired we of life
Deadly peril over us
The sentence of death
But God the deliverer
In whom we rely
In him our hope
Deliverance continued
Helped by prayers
The communion of saints
Thanks we return
Favor granted
For God is faithful
No mixed messages
In Jesus it’s Yes
Promises kept
No limit to promises
In Christ all Yes
Through him, Amen
God be glorified
Standing firm in Christ
Anointed are we
His ownership seal
Set by God
And in our hearts
His Spirit a deposit
What is to come
On 2 Corinthians 1:1-11
© 2014 by Amy Boucher Pye

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