11160596_10153264802324330_403975405774209805_o-2I love speaking to groups, including for prayer retreats and quiet days, breakfasts and women’s gatherings, church evenings for mixed groups, and preaching at churches. I’d be happy to explore opportunities with you.


There’s No Place Like Home

I didn’t reckon on living in the UK for nearly two decades, nor did I anticipate finding myself in Britain. But my adventure in faith includes not only quirky cricket and changeable weather but also civilized afternoon tea and National Trust homes. Join me in exploring how we are all citizens searching for home, no matter whether we find ourselves thousands of miles from the land of our birth or we’ve lived in the same village all our lives.

Finding Ourselves in God

We all face changes in life – we lose or gain a job, we experience a bereavement, if we’re parents our kids grow up – and these changes may lead us to wonder, ‘Who am I? With a different role, what’s left of me?’ When this search for faith, home and identity lands on God, we find our true home and true self.

Living Water: Coming to the Source for Refreshing and Cleansing

Water. It’s the stuff of life – we’re made of it, and can’t live without it. Although it can become stagnant and poisoned, fresh water brings renewal, cleansing and satisfaction. In this quiet day setting, we’ll explore some deep meanings of water – from the water that existed before the creation of the earth to Jesus, the source of living water. And we’ll think about the river of life in the City to come, which will bring nourishment and healing for the nations. I provide plenty of time for quiet reflection along with prayer exercises to engage with.

The Living Cross: Embracing the Gift of Forgiveness

We explore the theme of the living cross, and how through it God gives us the gifts of forgiveness and new life. We look at stories from the Old Testament and the New, reacquainting ourselves with forgiveness – which is such a basic tenet of our faith that we may take it for granted. The aim of the quiet day is that we come to see and experience the living power of the cross, at which we exchange our hurtful thoughts and actions for God’s love, grace and forgiveness. There is plenty of time for silence and reflection along with the opportunity to engage with spiritual exercises.

Living in Christ – Engaging with Colossians

Sessions in which we explore the Apostle Paul’s letter to the Colossians, and consider what it means to live ‘in’ Christ, and ‘for’ Christ. The letter to the Colossians is sure to challenge you with its wisdom for Christians today. My teaching focuses on the incomparable Christ, and how as redeemed believers we leave behind our old selves as we become more like Jesus day by day in our walk with him. There is time to engage with some prayer exercises for you to apply to your everyday life.

Adventures with God – Spiritual Practices for Everyday Life

The Living Cross: The cross of Jesus is a place of exchange – we can bring our sins and wrong actions to God and leave them there for release, and in turn receive his forgiveness and freedom.

13433151_10157117035600268_2668686706723465825_oPraying with the Bible (lectio divina): Exploring the truth that all Scripture is God-breathed and alive, and through it we can hear God speak to us today. The ancient practice of lectio divina is a key part of this exploration.

The Indwelling God – Practicing His Presence: God is everywhere, and God is with us. Opening our eyes to the wonder of God in creation and in our midst helps us to stop and realize that he really never will leave us.

Listening Prayer: The triune God longs to speak to his children, and as we open our ears and hearts, we’ll start to hear his still, small voice. We’ll also consider some means for testing out what we hear.

How to Keep a Spiritual Journal: A practical workshop filled with tips and pointers on how to release your inner writer as you communicate with God through the written word.

The Prayer of Lament: Using the interactive exercise of praying at the Western wall, we explore some of the language of lament in the Bible as a way of giving God our disappointment and yearning.

Beloved of God: Exploring our Christian Identity

What does it mean to be God’s beloved? How can we shed the false names of the “old self” that we may have adopted – worthless, controlling, fearful, worrier – and embrace the new name that God wants to bestow on us? He calls us chosen, precious, loving, gentle, wanted… but do we believe him? Join me in exploring the spiritual practices that will help us live as the new creation that the Apostle Paul speaks of. As we learn to forgive ourselves and others, and to hear God, we can move into freedom and release. And to looking outside ourselves to a world that needs to hear of God’s love.

What They Say…

“It was so good to have time to spend with God on the [Adventures in Prayer] retreat. Time to cement in the things that he has been teaching me over the last year and then during the morning sessions with Amy he continued to speak to me. The retreat was a very special time.” Emma, Sheffield

“Having experienced for the first time a prayer retreat led by Amy, I can only say don’t think about it – book yourself on one. Challenging, encouraging, revitalising and enjoying God’s presence are just some of the benefits!” Gill, Harrow

At the BRF/Woman Alive day at the Christian Resources Exhibition

At the BRF/Woman Alive day at the Christian Resources Exhibition

“I particularly like practising the presence because it reminded me that my relationship with the Lord need not be as complicated as I sometime make it.”

“The most special moment for me was when we were writing down all the names that we have been called and handed them over at the cross. The time of listening and the name Jesus has for me has helped me a great deal.  An entirely different way to how I have been seeing myself and will certainly help me in the future as I find it very easy to put myself down.”

“Hearing Amy say ‘use your name’ [when reading the Bible] was an eye opener. Read slowly, chew over the passage, respond to it and contemplate … praise and begin again. Even more so when I pulled Isaiah 43:1b-2 from the pile of slips. And started reading … the hair on my head felt as if it stood on end, and the more I read it and contemplated it the more amazing it was.”

To Sample…

Listen to Jeff Lucas, Ruth Dearnley and me on Premier Christian Radio during the “In Good Company” show here (go to Listen On Demand, 17 March 2013).

Join me in Spain

2018: June 25-29

One of the highlights of my year is leading a week’s holiday/retreat at the wonderful El Palmeral in Elche, Spain. I’ve lead retreats on exploring the adventures of prayer, looking at our identity in Christ, and discussing books together. The setting is magnificent; the food to die for; the pool refreshing; the conversations rich. It’s an ideal place in which to retreat, refresh, renew. Run by Julie and Mike Jowett, it is a place set apart for people to meet God in an intimate gathering. Some photos from September 2013:

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