A spiritually infused, sometimes rain-soaked look at the traditions, quirks, and customs of British life and faith. As Michele Guinness says in the foreword, “There were moments when her honesty and pain choked me, others when she made me laugh out loud. From toilets to tea and tennis, drizzle to driving, reserve to religious observance, sarcasm to self-deprecation, queuing to cricket, not to mention language, class, and vicarage oddities, it’s all there – the British foibles that make other nations think us bizarre… Yet in Amy’s gentle hands it’s a revelation – funny, challenging, surprising, chastening, and cheering.”

“What a joy it peer over Amy’s shoulder and enter into the seasons of life through her eyes. Amy is not just a social commentator, she is a discoverer of life and meaning, and her reflections invite us all to create memories and a place called home – wherever we are.” Cathy Madavan, speaker and author

“Candid, funny, poignant, engaging, and always brilliantly written – Finding Myself in Britain is a marvellous read. This Englishman-in-America loved it.” Os Guinness, author, The Call

“Amy helps us see that through all life’s seasons we are held and kept by the love of a faithful God, that in Him we lose and find ourselves, and in Him we are home.” Jo Saxton, speaker and author

“A delightful and insightful view of life from both sides of the pond. I was especially taken by her through-the-year approach, highlighting each season – an ideal way to capture the beating heart of each country. In a word, I loved it.” Liz Curtis Higgs, best-selling author, Thorn in My Heart


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Finding Myself in Britain

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Finding Myself in Britain from Amy Boucher Pye on Vimeo.