Kevin Ahronson Photography Hampshire Surrey Berkshire-19Amy Boucher Pye is an author and speaker whose award-winning book Finding Myself in Britain: Our Search for Faith, Home & True Identity (Authentic Media, 2015) looks at life in the UK through an American’s eyes. Her second book, The Living Cross: Exploring God’s Gift of Forgiveness and New Life (BRF, 2016), engages with biblical and modern-day stories of forgiveness and freedom. She runs the Woman Alive book club and writes for publications such as Our Daily Bread and Day by Day with God. She has an MA in Christian spirituality from Heythrop College, University of London.


If we were meeting in person, I’d probably grill you about your life and interests – not only because I love finding out about people, but because as an introvert I prefer the spotlight on others. But here goes.

I’m an American married to Nicholas, an English vicar, and we live in a spacious but chilly vicarage in London with our two great kids, PyelotBoy and CutiePyeGirl. I’ve lived here 20 years and still regularly discover new quirks and differences – such as an English friend gently telling me recently that I haven’t yet understood the difference between biscuits and cookies. All part of the adventure.

My spiritual journey has included some mountaintop highs and a dark night of the soul. Yet in the day-to-day moments I’ve experienced God break in with his surprising grace, which changes me. I enjoy writing about these nudges of grace in everyday life.

By Steve Bjorkman

By Steve Bjorkman

One of my loves (besides the all-important people in my life) is books. I’ve immersed myself in publishing for a couple of decades, editing and now writing as I work with words. I love running the Woman Alive book club, where each month I feature a book that captures my interest and host a conversation about books with an author.

I also love baking Ghiradhelli brownies, body combat classes, and listening to the roar of the waves.


You can contact me by email  [email protected]  or [email protected] or follow me on Twitter or Facebook. You can see my latest Woman Alive book review and join in the Facebook conversation here. I look forward to continuing our conversation.

Please note, I’m not currently working as an editor so am not taking on any editorial projects. Thank you!