Watercolor Wednesday: Advent wreaths – or not

By Leo Boucher

We’ve had a different sort of Advent in our home this year, as I didn’t realize I had none of our Advent candles stashed away like I usually do. Getting them (we go for three purples, a pink, and a white one) meant a jaunt to the next High Street where parking is a nightmare, and it just didn’t happen. So here we are days before Christmas with the candles only recently purchased, but now the kitchen table needs to be cleared of the cookie-making mess before we can assemble and light the Advent wreath.

We’ve failed our own customs this year, but I imagine God doesn’t much mind, not wanting us to get our knickers in a twist, as it were. Life is messy – which is why Jesus came as a baby in the first place.

How’s your Advent going?

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