Weekly Devotional: My soul magnifies the Lord by Amy Robinson

Advent is a time of waiting and welcome. Waiting for the coming King, not only to celebrate his coming as a baby but for him to come again. Welcoming as we make room for him in our lives, a laughable thought for many as we juggle carol services, baking tasks, shopping for gifts… But some days we need snow days, like many in the UK have experienced, to make us slow down and ponder what this season is all about.

I am delighted to share another acrostic poem, following yesterday’s offering. This one is by another Amy, she a gifted storyteller and writer (Amy Robinson). You can view her wonderful poem that is a Christian take on the Santa story, inspired by the famous poem by Clement C. Moore, on her Facebook page – don’t miss it!

Here’s Amy’s acrostic poem as inspired by Mary’s song of praise to God, known as the Magnificat. Mary visits Elizabeth who is also pregnant, and when Elizabeth praises her for her great faith, Mary responds with her wonderful song. You can read the whole story in Luke 1.

My soul magnifies the Lord,
And my spirit rejoices in my saviour!
Generations will call me blessed,
Naming God as holy and mighty.
In strength he has scattered the proud,
Fed the hungry and left the rich empty.
Israel will see his mercy again.
Children of Israel, you know what he promised our fathers,
Abraham and his offspring for ever?
This is happening now.

© 2017 by Amy Robinson

Could you pen an acrostic poem today? Whether you do or not, may you be blessed in your waiting during this season of Advent.

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