Watercolor Wednesday: Colors of hope

By Leo Boucher.

A skyline full of color… reds and blues and oranges and yellow. I love God’s creation, and all the beauty it reveals, and I love the city skyline too.

Today has been declared a #DayofPrayer, in response to some who were calling for a #dayofrage. Please, join me in praying for our cities and our towns, that the Lord would pour out his mercy and his grace, healing the brokenhearted and infusing us with his hope and grace and love.

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  1. Hi Amy. Visiting from heart wings. I’m a Brit living in New York City. Lived in London prior to coming to the US. My heart has been breaking over what is happening in London. Praying for our city. I have a post about London on my blog tomorrow.

    1. Oh it must be so hard to be away from your beloved London at a time like this. It is heartbreaking, and I have to confess that I gulped when I read your post, wondering if yet another atrocity had happened overnight. Lord, have mercy.

      If you think of it, could you post a link to your blog here?

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