Watercolor Wednesday: When in Rome

By Leo Boucher.

With the terror threat in Britain raised to critical, people are feeling concerned. We may think twice before our morning commute or going to a concert or other cultural gathering. Fear can make a home in our lives, constricting our actions.

And yet we “keep calm and carry on.” We pray and we plan but we keep on keeping on, and those in other countries send their love and prayers. As the sad news of those who have died in this week’s bomb attack in Manchester are named, may we give an extra hug to our loved ones and pray for those who are hurting.

For this Watercolor Wednesday, in the spirit of honoring big cultural places, here’s a painting of a street scene in Rome. A couple of years ago, my parents met us there for a week of touring and fun. Memories to remember with a smile.

Might you take a few moments to remember a happy trip you took with friends or family? Why not send them a message of a fun memory from that trip?

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