The Living Cross – A poem by Sue Cherry

I love when readers become friends, which is what Sue Cherry has become over the years as we meet on social media and at conferences. She came to the BRF Quiet Day that I led at the beginning of Lent, and wrote a marvelous poem, called, wait for it, ‘The Living Cross.’ We’ve made it through Lent into the glorious Easter season, but if you’re anything like me, you’ll need a daily dose of forgiveness at the cross. I share Sue’s poem here with her permission.

The Living Cross

How do I forgive?
But allow the living cross
To be my focus, be my guide.
That cloak of shame and sin,
That judgemental attitude
That bitterness carried
The un-forgiven inside.
And a dark cloud over me.
How do I forgive?

How do I forgive?
Temptation surrounds
amongst the permitted.
Let the living cross teach me.
Jesus, my Lord, my Saviour,
The one who rescues me,
As I linger with you, my living cross.
Lead the way, light my path

How do I forgive?
Take my cloak of shame and sin
Replace it with the robe that is righteous.
Show my heart, my soul to live,
From bitterness released.
As I walk that extra mile
In forgiveness I give myself
To the Living Cross.

© SueC / S A Creations 2017

Bible Reading Fellowship Quiet Day 7 March 2017 St Paul’s Church, Finchley

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