Watercolor Wednesday: Jesus in the desert

By Leo Boucher

During Lent we are invited to ponder the life of Jesus. How God became man and dwelled among us. How he suffered and was abused. How, indeed, he experienced his own desert experience.

Do you feel like you’re banished to the desert? I pray you’ll feel the comfort of One who has experienced all this and more.

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  1. Sydra Krueger

    Thanks so much for the recent mailing about your newest blog/newsletter. Wonderful; I look forward to reading them frequently. Yes, I really enjoyed your book on “Finding myself in Britain. Being of some distant Englishness too, I’m always interested in life there. (Grandpa from 13 generations ago escaped the wrath of King Charles 2 and made his way to the new world, becoming one of the founders of several towns in Mass. Long ago&far away! It sounds like you’ve settled in well and are continuing serving our Lord to the best of your ability and the gifts God’s blessed you with.
    Funny Psalm 26 sounds so much like Psalm 119…how can he say such things? I’m not perfect at all, never have been, never will be outside of Christ’s work in my life. Either David was nuts, wrong, under delusions or guided by God who forgives, completely forgets and helps us to daily move on with our lives lived in Him. I like the last possibility the best!
    I’m appreciating The Living Cross so much. I’ve had the bad H1N1 flu and missed much of Lenten services, so this book is my service. (Much better now.) We also enjoy reading your devotions in Our Daily Bread…that’s how I “met” you.
    Enjoy the last of your present terms of classes and continue growing, serving and waiting on God in your life. Don’t forget to spend TIME(in love) with your children and sweetheart! They are so important! (I can say that after 73 years working at it!)
    God bless. Keep doing what you’re doing. Smile, God loves you, I do to and that’s just how it’s going to be.

    1. What a hugely encouraging comment! I’m so very grateful. I love that you know so much of your family history!
      It’s lovely to think I’m ‘spending’ time with you this Lent. I pray it’s a rich time of God speaking to you.
      Thank you for the reminder to spend time with my gorgeous family. I am working to be present when I am with them and not worried about deadlines. Great advice! Every blessing, and thank you for writing.

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