Exploring God’s gift of forgiveness and new life – an interview with BRF

My publisher, the Bible Reading Fellowship, asked some thought-provoking questions about why I wrote The Living Cross. I love that the roots of the idea were sparked by Jill Saward’s story – someone whose life has been celebrated at the beginning of the year after her untimely death. Here’s a taster of the interview, and a link to read the whole thing. Also, if you’d like to buy the book but are worried about becoming behind in the readings, BRF will send you the first two weeks as a PDF while your printed version comes in the post.

Why is Lent a good time to pick up a book?
I’ve found Lent a wonderful time to come before God and examine my heart and my actions. In doing so, I’ve found that it became a rich season of intimacy with God. I hope that, if people pick up The Living Cross, they too will find their relationship with the Lord strengthened as they engage with biblical stories from the Old Testament and the New.

What drew you to writing about forgiveness?
The germ of the idea for a book on forgiveness came back in 2006 when I read an article in the Telegraph about the late Jill Saward’s act of forgiving her attackers. Instead of being shackled with bitterness, she campaigned for the good of other rape survivors. I wanted to explore the biblical roots of this freeing topic and to find other inspiring stories to share.

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