Celebrating the Days of Christmas

Happy Christmas!

In our culture it’s easy to think that Christmas is now over, but actually it’s just begun. We like to enjoy these days of Christmas relaxing by the tree, watching cheesy movies, and eating yummy leftovers. During Advent we eat in the kitchen, lights darkened and candles strewn around the table, waiting for the coming Christ. We move to the dining room in the Christmas season, the shining tree behind us and a lovely embroidered tablecloth (by my mom) gracing the table.

During the 12 days of Christmas on social media I’ve been posting artwork each day of Christmas by my dad, Leo Boucher, and I realized I should share it here too. Here are the first four days.

Happy Christmas!

A painting my dad created for the classes he teaches to older adults. Perfect for the second day of Christmas.

A winter river scene that reminds me of my youth.

The fourth day of Christmas is perfect for relaxing by the Christmas tree, spending time with family.

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  1. PJ

    Thank you for your post, perspective and Christmas practices. In the U.S. Christmas is so front loaded that people believe it is over at the end of Dec. 25. This is when the celebrations should begin. We celebrate the birth of the baby that will bring us salvation. Your dad’s artwork is beautiful.

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