Devotional of the Week: Glorious Creation (6 in Psalm 98 series)


Let the sea resound, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it. Psalm 98:7

I sat by the lake, listening to the lapping waves, watching the sun set as I gazed across the water to the hill beyond. Peace settled on me and I gave the Lord thanks for his goodness, his creation, his beauty. My thanks bubbled into joy as I felt my praises join those of creation as we lifted our voices in song.

The psalmist in verses 7–8 notes how creation worships the Lord – the sea reverberates, the rivers clap their hands, the mountains sing for joy. Because the Lord created the world, it reflects his DNA. We can see his creativity and care in the graceful flight of a bird, the tender petal of a flower or the strong presence of a mountain.

Today, I encourage you to be present to God’s creation, whether you live in the country or in a city. Even in a mass of concrete buildings, we can hear the joyful song of a bird. Open your ears to the buzzing of insects, the wind that flutters the leaves, the gentle drops of rain. Take time to wonder at the intricate design in a leaf or a shell or a rock. And know that the Lord who created the glorious flowers of the field, which one day blossom and the next are thrown into the fire, loves you much more than all of these.

Prayer: Lord God, your world astounds us. Help us to be good stewards as we care for its creatures and vegetation. Amen.


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