Devotional of the Week: Goodness Revealed (3 in Psalm 98 series)

Photo: Flickr, Liz West

Photo: Flickr, Liz West

The Lord has made his salvation known and revealed his righteousness to the nations. Psalm 98:2

I cringed when I read a letter I wrote many years ago in which I was trying to share my faith with a friend. Although I had good intentions in writing, my words were awkward and stilted. Yet this desire to share the good news of God’s saving grace is rooted deeply within us, not least because the Lord himself doesn’t hide his works of redemption. As the psalmist says, the Lord makes known his salvation and goodness, not only to his own people, but to the nations.

The Lord chose the Israelites as his own, saving them from slavery in Egypt. He planted them in a new land, a place where they could thrive and flourish. As they defeated the marauding nations, often as the underdog, the Lord’s power and glory was revealed. The other gods were shown to be worthless in the face of the true and living God.

How might the Lord want to make his salvation and goodness known in your life, and thereby to your friends and neighbors? How might you share your faith with someone? Perhaps you might write a letter (or email, text message, or a post on social media), yet hopefully you’ll employ more graceful words than those I used decades ago.

Prayer: Father God, your power is beyond our imagination, and yet you love us with a tender devotion. May we share your goodness and grace this day. Amen.

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