Devotional of the Week: A New Song (1 in Psalm 98 series)

Photo: Dave Coram, flickr

Photo: Dave Coram, flickr

Sing to the Lord a new song, for he has done marvelous things… Psalm 98:1a

How better to start a new devotional series than in singing to the Lord a new song! And how wonderful to focus on one of the biblical psalms. Join me these next weeks as we explore this ancient song together. Perhaps today or this week you could take a few moments to read Psalm 98 through, letting its call to praise sink into your heart and mind.

Biblical commentators aren’t sure who wrote this psalm, although it has been attributed to King David. Many see it as a song exulting the Lord for his help to the Israelites as they fled Egypt and entered the Promised Land (the long journey commonly known as the Exodus). The Lord asked them to remember his deeds, lest their hearts become cold and they return to their evil ways.

To keep our hearts tender, we too need to remember the Lord’s goodness, and one way to ensure we do not forget is to sing of his gracious love. Praising him takes our eyes off of ourselves and our troubles. As we ask him to reveal how he’s working in our lives, we may begin to see our sometimes challenging circumstances more from his viewpoint; we may understand the marvelous things he is doing in the midst of them. His grace is new every morning.

What song can you sing today?

Prayer: Father God, you have done wonderful things in my life. Help me give you thanks, always having a tender and grateful heart. Amen.

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