Devotional of the week: Abundant God (7 in Genesis 22 series)

Photo: Eugene Kim, flickr

Photo: Eugene Kim, flickr

So Abraham called that place The Lord Will Provide. Genesis 22:14

Recently I’ve been challenged to consider where I hold a worldview of scarcity or abundance. Do I believe that God is abundant? That he showers gifts on us? We might embrace a scarcity mindset when we think that we don’t have enough time, or we won’t be given opportunities, or even when we hold back from sharing how we’ve been blessed because we worry it will incite jealousy in others.

Abraham didn’t embrace this outlook of scarcity. Instead of sacrificing his son, he made a burnt offering of a ram that was caught in a thicket nearby. The Lord showed him and his people that he was different from the other gods; he didn’t want his children to follow their ways with child sacrifice.

Do you suffer from this syndrome of scarcity-itis? How can you reorient yourself to embrace God’s view of abundance? One way is to start a gratitude journal, noting things large or small to give thanks for. Mine today would include our recent summer trip to the States to enjoy time with my family, the pretty roses spreading beauty in my study, the joy of my kids as they each have friends over, an invitation to speak to women gathered together.

The Lord will provide – amen and may it be so.

Prayer: Triune Lord, for your abundance in our lives, we give you thanks and praise. Help us to notice these blessings everyday. Amen.

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