Finding Rest in the Rhythm of Life

FMIB Quotes #9I need to take my own advice. This morning I read the words above from Finding Myself in Britain and reminded myself of the need for rest, worship, and play in contrast to work, work, work. I love the freelance life, but I can say “yes” to too many things, meaning that I have too many deadlines and the rhythms of life get out of whack. For instance, my daughter says, “No more writing books,” to me, as the family has borne the brunt of me writing, under pressure, the 2017 BRF Lent book (to be published this autumn). I enjoyed the process but haven’t spent enough time focusing on a healthy rhythm of life that includes rest, worship, and play.

What do you do to rest? A friend shared her mother’s adage that I’ve been pondering: “A change can bring about rest.” Just as we might need to break out of an exercise rut, with our bodies too accustomed to the same routine we do again and again, so our souls can receive an infusion of life when we embrace something new.

But the niggle I have with her mom’s phrase is that we’ll use it as an excuse not to embrace the meaning of rest, where we acknowledge that God is God and we are not and that we can switch off, slow down, not produce, and be still. For me, time on my own by a body of water brings about a deep sense of peace and rest as I hear the roar of the waves of the gentle lapping of the lake. Yet we can’t put all of our rest-eggs into a holiday basket, so we need to build into our lives regular, shorter, periods of rest. Oh – hey – how about a weekly Sabbath!?

How do you find rest?

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  1. Sue Cherry

    You’re a woman after my own heart Amy when it comes to spending time alone around a lake, by the sea or near a river. Nothing else meets me where I am at a time when under stress or anxious etc. God didn’t cover the majority of His creation with water for nothing.

    I also find rest not only in just being in silent communion with Father God but in the secular such as spending time with loved ones not doing very much specifically. Also in pursuing interests & hobbies all of which are varied and diverse but give me rest and joy, most of the time

    Write another book in your own time Amy if you have another in you, No pressures, no deadlines, just in your own time.

  2. Angie Nelson

    Timely words, thank you. I have just looked up the weather forecast for our holiday next week and five days are due for rain and storms!, God clearly wants me to appreciate stormy waves rather than warm sunshine on the beach.
    Hope you get the rest you need too, not just with the family but for yourself. Be blessed

  3. Jane Pointet

    Rest for me is a massage, being pampered in some way. Sure that sounds completely godless and not what you’re getting at, unless it can be likened to Jesus and ‘the woman who was a sinner’. Luke 7: 36-50 – rest for the soul perhaps?! It certainly clears the mind and relaxes the body…..the scented candles/incense; subdued lighting, twinkly music, what more could one want…..

    1. Completely godness? No way – I think that sounds wonderful and relaxing – and I believe massages are great for working toxins out of our bodies, aren’t they? I have a voucher for a massage from my birthday but have been too busy to book the appointment – that’s a goal for June when my end-of-year essays for my master’s are done! Thanks for contributing, Jane.

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