For the Love of Tea

Photo: Tony Walmsley, flickr

Photo: Tony Walmsley, flickr

This morning, my primary-school-aged daughter made herself her first cup of tea. On her own, without asking for help. Minor burns were suffered by the tea-maker, but thankfully nothing major.

I thought maybe she’d not catch the tea-bug, but perhaps living in a tea-saturated society, she can’t but help love the nation’s favo(u)rite drink. I even enjoyed some tea today – chai, naturally – but it’s not something I drink every day. Although lately I’ve been drinking a lovely peppermint/licorice mix. Some people hate licorice, I know. I’m not one of them.

I have a chapter on tea in my book, Finding Myself in Britain, for tea played an important role in the first date Nicholas and I shared. I certainly didn’t know how to brew a proper cuppa!

I love author Julie Klassen’s blog on tea that she shared last autumn, in which she shares what she learned from a tea-making class at the national Jane Austen society gathering, from A Social History of Tea, and from my book! Do have a read – with a cup of tea?


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