Announcement: Book-Baby #2 is gestating!

Photo on 10-7-15 at 9.10 AM #4 (1)“I should have written that Lent book.” That was my offhand comment to the wonderful Karen Laister of BRF (Bible Reading Fellowship​) at the Woman Alive/BRF women’s day in Woking over the summer. Imagine my surprise when a month or so later I received an invitation to write the 2017 BRF Lent book! I had developed a proposal back in 2011 for a devotional exploration of the theme of forgiveness as rooted in Bible for the season of Lent, but for a bunch of reasons, mainly my misunderstanding of the realities of the Christian publishing scene (read stubbornness), the book was never written or published.

After hearing from BRF, I dusted off the proposal I had previously developed and thought, “Wow, there’s some good stuff to delve into here!” The good stuff being the biblical stories of redemption, healing, and freedom through forgiveness – from Jacob and Esau (Genesis 27 and 32) to Abigail begging King David’s forgiveness on her brute of a husband’s behalf (1 Samuel 25) to the prophets and then to the New Testament, such as Jesus, Jesus, Jesus and the early church and the Spirit coming and the hope of the Resurrection and the Life to come and to live in the here and now.

So this time the peeps at BRF and I came to an agreement, which I signed today. <Woo hoo!> Thank you, Lord! And yes, I’m excited! Although we do need a good title – my provisional one was “Father, Forgive Them.” Open to suggestions!

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