And We’re Live! (The Birth of Finding Myself in Britain)

Best book tower ever! #FindingMyselfInBritain

Best book tower ever! #FindingMyselfInBritain

Nerves on high alert, stomach tight, trying to breathe deeply, I hear the words from the presenter, “We’re live.”

I love doing live radio – I feel the rush of adrenaline and the wonder of being able to speak to people dotted around in their homes up and down the country. But there’s definitely the rush of emotions and the reaction of the body with an increased pulse and the feeling of expectancy as we go on air.

I feel like that now as my book-baby lands into the world this weekend. On Sunday at our church we’re having a book launch for friends and the church family, and I’m overwhelmed by the number of people who are coming – those lifelong friends who have walked with us for decades, some lovely social-media friends I’ve not yet met in person, and people representing my amazing publisher, Authentic Media. I’m humbled and grateful and just might burst either into tears or song, or both!

The book has now also landed into (many of – post times vary) the hands of those who endorsed it and gave editorial feedback. And I’ve seen this morning that the copies to bloggers and media are shooting into offices and letter boxes around the country and soon across the Pond as well.

With my sense of expectancy and joy lies the undercurrent of fear. Will people like the writing? What if they disagree? What if I’ve got it all wrong? And yet, as a book editor and reviewer, I’ve dished out plenty of feedback and critiques over the years, and I know that not everyone will like Finding Myself in Britain. For instance, I try and try but I still can’t read works of fantasy – yep, I’ve still not read the Lord of the Rings. So I push down the fear and know that whatever the likes or dislikes, now is the time to give thanks and enjoy the moment.

Thank you family. Thank you friends. Thank you wonderful publisher. To God be the Glory!

And Houston, we have lift off.

PS – have now figured out Paypal so am happy to sell you a copy. Message me if you’re interested: [email protected] I discount but postage is crazy outside of the UK.

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