Devotional of the week: Praises always (7 in 1 Peter 4 series)

Sowing-circle-pic…so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ. To him be the glory and the power… 1 Peter 4:11

I’ve had the privilege of knowing some Christians who are completely sold out for God. Truly in all things, God is praised in their lives. One is a businesswoman who conducts her dealings with transparency and integrity. She nearly ended her life about forty years ago when mired in the occult, so she has a deep passion to spread the good news of the gospel wherever she goes – whether in a taxi or when buying gifts for a friend. She who has known the chains of oppression desires that others would be free. Another chose the sometimes lonely path of Christian leadership when being a woman leader wasn’t accepted in all parts of the church. She committed herself – her salary, where she lived, how she served – to the mission she was called to.

As we’ve seen in this passage, Peter knows we will suffer. But he knows that suffering will produce a harvest of righteousness as we trust in God. We are to serve the Lord as wholehearted people; those to whom we commit things big and small. Not only how we spend our time – our life projects – but how we treat, say, the person selling us a newspaper. In all things may we bring glory to God, through Christ Jesus. Know that he is with you each moment of each day.

Prayer: Lord God, may I know that you lead me and are with me. I commit myself to your glory. Amen.