Devotional of the week: Love, love, love (5 in 1 Peter 4 series)

Photo: Dustin Gaffkey, flickr

Photo: Dustin Gaffkey, flickr

Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins. 1 Peter 4:8

Recently I was texting a friend, and the auto-correct turned my words into, “I’m paying that God will give you strength today.” Imagine if we had to pay God to answer our prayers! Thankfully no payment is involved, at least by us. God’s never-ending love involved his Son giving his life as payment instead. His love covers a multitude of sins.

Of course, Peter is not talking specifically about God’s love here, but the love we as his children should show each other. As we live in the light of eternity, we are to cover our relationships in a thick spreading of love – one that is thicker than dollops of cream and jam on a scone. We know the root of this love comes from God’s love for us.

One of my friends at times is tempted to despair that people in her family will never change. She sees a controlling and self-centered father, a mother who acquiesces and an immature sister. And that’s not even describing her husband’s family. Although she sets boundaries in place, she also prays regularly for her family, that God would break through with his grace and love. She extends love, letting it wash away that multitude of sins.

Is there one person you could show extra love to today? Perhaps you could spend some time asking God to reveal who that might be, and how you could love them.

Prayer: Father, we love because you first loved us. Help us to be your hands and feet – and heart. Amen.

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