Devotional of the week – Our Commission (6 in John 15-16 series)

And you also must testify, for you have been with me from the beginning. John 15:27

Photo: by Chris Yarzab, flickr

Photo: by Chris Yarzab, flickr

When I was an editor at HarperCollins I commissioned the memoirs of Canon Michael Green. Sharing the good news of the gospel seems to pour out of him naturally, with his winsome words accompanied by a bright smile. I, however, am not a natural evangelist like Michael. In fact, the thought of city-center evangelism sends chills down my spine.

But Jesus tells his disciples here that they must testify. In the Greek, the “you” is emphatic, underscoring that we are not off the hook. Sharing our faith with friends, family or strangers may be out of our comfort zone, but God has entrusted his message to us. We may stammer or feel incompetent, but the Holy Spirit will strengthen us and give us just the right words to speak.

We aren’t limited to the ways we can testify about Jesus. We might encourage a friend who finds it hard to trust God with examples of his faithfulness in our own life. We might extend a listening ear to an older neighbor who is lonely. Or indeed we might tell a friend about how Jesus died on the cross to take away our sins, that she might live in freedom. God’s ways of reaching out to his needy world are endless, and we have the privilege of being the conduits.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, I’m amazed that you use me to share your love and grace. Work through me, I pray.


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