New year; new word?

Have you chosen a word for the year yet? This movement seems to be catching on, which doesn’t surprise me. It’s a simple but powerful idea (read my review of the book behind it here). One word is something we can remember and return to throughout the year. The word can inspire or encourage us; motivate and challenge us.

Some of my friends have been choosing their words: outward, recharge, joy, abundance. Rich words that speak to the individual’s creativity and circumstances. But me? Although I’ve been mulling over ideas, nothing has struck me yet. The page is blank.

I also like to choose a verse from Scripture for the year, and have been waiting to see if the Lord prompts one to me. Again, I’m not sure. One has come up two or three times, but it’s such an obvious verse that I’m questioning whether it’s actually the right one. Yep, I think I might be overthinking things…

2014 newBut one beginning-of-the-year practice has borne fruit, as I’ve read through my 2013 spiritual journals and noted highlights from each month. My “word” for last year was flourish, and as I looked back over my journals – my conversations with God – I can see glimpses of growth, joy, peace, and contentment.

I love reading through journals because they instantly transport me back to the sights and smells of the moment. I had forgotten how leveled I was in February with flu, which took weeks for me to recover from. Or the times of waiting – one issue was before me five long weeks, during which I had to let go or go crazy (I finally let go). The journals also brought alive again our five-week trip to the States this summer, including our epic road trip. I relived the enriching conversations with friends and family from whom we are usually separated by a large body of water.

So as I wait for a word and a verse, I give thanks for God’s goodness in all the days of 2013. How about you? Have you chosen a word? Made resolutions? What do you hope for in 2014?

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