Guest blog: PyelotBoy and CutiePyeGirl

PyelotBoy, CutiePyeGirl, and I have had fun reading through some of my blogs this week. They’ve been enraptured by my writing (ha!), listening intently as I recounted my embarrassing encounter at the tea room in Lindisfarne. So they wanted to introduce themselves. PyelotBoy typed his first draft without me (but as I harp on again and again with my authors, good writing is rewriting, so I helped him with that) and CutiePyeGirl dictated hers to me. Enjoy!

My amazing blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As barely any people know who I am in Amy’s stories, I am often referred to as PyelotBoy, a name which our friend Mike Jowett made up.

If you would like to learn more about me then read on!!!!!

JAI am ten years old. I love sport, especially football/soccer [editor’s note: he loves American football too, but the Premier League unfortunately takes precedent], but like my dad I like cricket. If you have anything to ask me about football/soccer I could probably answer the question correctly.

My birthday was just recently and I got an iPod touch as well as a the new Chelsea kit which you can find a picture of on Facebook (if you are my mom’s friend).

Like my dad, I also know a lot about history and I already have plans for later on in life about history. When I am older I want to be a history lecturer at uni. An amazing fact I know about the Victorians: that the 7th earl of Shaftesbury, Anthony Ashley Cooper, was the president of the ragged school union. He also has a statue of him made from copper coins, which is called the Eros because he loved the poor.

I am dyspraxic, so it makes it very hard to do certain things such as cutting and drawing so I am not very creative. I was diagnosed in July of this year so now I am finding it a bit easier because at school they help me more.


All About a Princess

2012-05-31 19.58Hi! I love art and I am good at it. My name here is CutiePyeGirl. I like school and I love my teacher because she is nice. Maths is my second favorite thing to do. I like a show called Strictly Come Dancing because it shows my favorite sport. My favorite couples on Strictly Come Dancing are a girl called Abbey and a boy called Aljaz, and also Susanna and Kevin. There was a girl called Deborah and a boy called Robin who were in a dance-off and they went out of the competition. I was sad when they left.

I have been on loads of adventures and they were fun. I went to America this summer and we had a roadtrip. We had a swap-over of our house with people in Minnesota. I went to a place called Arrowwood and they had two swimming pools. We went to the playground next door to the golf area. I got to see my grandparents and cousins and aunt and uncles.

I love singing, especially Jesse J’s “Pricetag” and I also like “Plastic Bag.” My favorite channel is CBBC.

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  1. Gill Camps

    Hi! well, thank you for these really interesting blogs. I met your mum in Spain, and saw the little kittens just after they were born. I hope you are having a great half term. Keep up with the blogs, maybe another one at Christmas? re: football I support Liverpool, and SCD my favourites are Sophie and Brendon.

  2. Hi Gill! PyelotBoy: By the way, Liverpool are rubbish! CutiePyeGirl: Sophie and Brendon are my other favourite couple! I saw pictures of the kittens this morning. They are cute.

    Thanks for replying! PyelotBoy: And thanks for saying that you’re a Liverpool supporter! They are going down this season!

  3. Pam Burke

    Thanks for the great blog post PyelotBoy and CutiePyeGirl!

    PyelotBoy: I love your enthusiasm for sports and history. Being Dyspraxic may make some things more difficult, but you have so many gifts! I think your writing is very creative. I look forward to seeing more of your writing.

    CutiePyeGirl: Thank you for sharing all your adventures! The dancing show sounds fun.

  4. Kara

    Pyelot boy , so great to see your story on your moms blog. You are well on your way to being a history professional. I always learn a lot from you when I visit. I am happy to learn you found out you have dyspraxia. It’s good to know why some things might be more difficult than you think they should be and to get help. I bet you are creative. Creativity is expressed in many different ways… You wait!

    Cutiepye girl:
    We ( my girl and I) had fun seeing you this summer and I love hearing about your songs and play. You have wonderful imagination

  5. To Pam from CutiePyeGirl: There is a dancing show like Strictly in America and it’s Dancing with the Stars. To Kara: What kinds of things does your girl like? To both: Thanks for reading my blog!

    To both from PyelotBoy: Thanks for your great comments!

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